Why I Can’t Write

Why I can't write

I hit the publish button for the first time on this blog last year, and I thought, ‘I will be posting regularly and amazingly and that’s just so freaking awesome!’ It’s hard to explain how easy that felt. So easy to say something than to commit to it, #always.

It’s been a few months from the beginning. I became more attached to the idea of writing and am more passionate about the topic than ever. However, no matter how much I adore the idea of blogging, I still need a lot of self-control and determination every time I write for the blog.

My brain works so efficiently when it needs to produce excuses for not writing enough. And, that is when I must force my mind to fight the brain.

This is what my brain argues:

1. You can’t write because you don’t have time.

You work 9 to 5. You are in a good relationship. You have other responsibilities that need your immediate attention. Even on the weekends, you need to clean, do laundry, grocery shop, see your friends, watch a new movie at a theater, go check out a new cafe in your neighborhood, read newspapers and magazines, figure out your finances, cook, take a bath, exercise, and repeat all of the above.

Where the hell can you squeeze a 30-minute-long writing session in? You just don’t have that time to write.

Being busy isn’t a new concept. Busyness is what we all have once experienced in our lifetime. (Or it’s still happening.) Your body gets to move constantly and your mind jumps around in a faster speed. 30-minutes just don’t seem possible to put aside.

Well, if that’s the only case, why don’t we try a 5-minute? What about a 1-minute? Not having time literally means having tiny moments. When you can’t have a big chunk of time, try a little piece of it.

The amount doesn’t really matter when you are busy. What matters more is that whether or not you do take the action. The fact you are doing something persistently will make you more time to do it every day. Often life figures things out itself when you let it deal with it.

2. You can’t write because you don’t have ideas to write about.

There are many things happening in the world, but they seem irrelevant to you and your writing projects. That’s a very reasonable argument. You are stuck in a remote place where nothing speaks to you.

This is exactly when reading comes in. Reading rescues writers from being stuck and being uninspired. Reading what other writers have to say triggers writing muscles that have been inactive.

Anything can be your topic. From your own experiences to what you observe in daily life. Even if some sentences look unsatisfying to you at the moment, keep writing. You have plenty of time to polish and transform them.

From a creative writing course that I took in college, we used to do this writing exercise throughout the semester, which was to eavesdrop and to write down the dialogues of strangers. Really, anything you see, hear, smell, feel, and taste can be written down on a piece of paper.

3. You can’t write because you don’t feel like doing it alone.

The path of writers might seem lonesome. I choose to write because I have realized that I excel in a one-person working environment. But, sometimes, I feel like I am the only person in this game and I get discouraged because I am just so lonely.

People are supposed to interact with others. We are built to communicate, express and receive feedback. We live with others, learn from one another and grow together. That’s how we revolutionize. Writers are indifferent; we occasionally seek togetherness.

To write with someone else, you need a system. You can do this with anyone who shares the same interest, writing in this case, but you don’t need to write together necessarily.

Read the same article and discuss it. Start with the same writing prompt and share the work afterward. Ask questions about each other’s process and learn from their experiences.

This is what I am hoping to build here with the weekly roundup. The next step will be a slack community where writers can share their thoughts and work instantly.

4. You can’t write because you are not talented.

Doubting yourself is a must-have in one’s success. In any industry and any profession, you must have that sincerity to keep pushing your limit and challenging yourself. But, too many doubts can rather attack your dream and hurt your self-esteem.

Think this way: your measure to decide if you’re talented enough or not isn’t solid. When you cannot trust yourself, you cannot trust your judgment, either. The people you look up and you think are so cool have also doubted their ideas and ability at least once in their lives. Who are there to say one’s talented or not? No one really knows anything in life.

Talent is, of course, a good thing to have. It will somehow make our lives much easier when it comes to achieve something greater as we all wish. But, it’s not a sole property in doing something you love. Not only passion, but we also need persistence, commitment, focus, time, positivity, fearlessness, trust and so much more. Instead of worrying about all of these qualities, starting to just write is a lot doable. Doing makes sense.

We go to school ever since we were little. We keep trying to learn things. We practice and repeat. Why? Because we are able. We are able to absorb. We are able to consume. We are able to make whatever things we take ours. Writing is the same. We get better when we do it.

Letters in Translation Weekly Roundup is born with the mission to help you read more and write more. It’s been difficult for me to keep reading and transform the reading experiences into writing as well. This newsletter is to spot the pain and make your daily writing practice actionable.

I will be sending quotes, great reads for the week, inspirations for your writing projects. Let’s keep rolling and never stop writing. You already know that this is the only way to keep going with your living words, sentences and paragraphs.

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