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The weather has been nice. I enjoyed some alone time by taking a walk, going out to a park, reading some books and watching Youtube videos. Viral videos were fun to watch, but near the end, I felt empty. What have I learned? Nothing. Youtube has tons of resources, but it easily traps people in daily vlogs of pretty faces or fun/stupid experiments of youngsters who call themselves Youtubers. I still respect their creativity and adore their personal styles – but I begin to wonder ‘what can I learn about writing on Youtube?’

Youtube is a school.

It’s even better than real schools because it’s free and it’s easily accessible to most of us living on this tiny planet. We can come up with our own curriculum and schedules. We can pick teachers and topics ourselves. What more is there to want from a school?

Once I searched some of my favorite authors on Youtube, I discovered some of the most inspiring interviews I have ever found, videos that the authors read their own stories, a.k.a an audiobook, and lectures done at conferences.

I want to introduce you 14 free videos that I have stumbled upon on Youtube this week. Of course, there are a lot more to explore on Youtube. Anything you want to learn more, you can type in the word and start digging. It really doesn’t matter your interest is within the realm of fiction writing or journal writing.

These videos are great for you when you look for inspirations and lessons on writing. After watching some or all of the videos listed below, you will find yourself joyfully thinking about what to write next or what to do for your current writing project.

*Please note that I try to include short to medium length videos only. My intention is not to over-exhaust you with the list of feature movie length lectures.

1. Creative writing lessons: Creative Writing tips, advice, and lessons from bestseller Stephen King

2. Your elusive creative genius | Elizabeth Gilbert

3. “Creative Writing: How It Can Make You a Better Global Citizen” Caroline Healy TEDxCQ in Belfast

4. Creative writing professor Chang-rae Lee

5. Joan Didion interview (1996)

6. The Five Coolest Things Alice Munro Told CBC About Her Writing | CBC

7. At Home with Jhumpa Lahiri

8. Jhumpa Lahiri interview (2003)

9. Junot Díaz on how he writes

10. How to Transform a Situation into a Story – Writing with Yiyun Li

11. Viet Thanh Nguyen, Conversation, 29 March 2017

12. Roxane Gay: Writing Fiction and Nonfiction

13. Jeannette Walls – 2009 National Book Festival

14. Ohio Wesleyan I-Cubed Lecture: Welcoming 11 New Professional Female Emojis

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