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Hey, Writer. Yes, I mean YOU.

Letters in Translation is a great place for you to get inspired, to understand how blogging for writers works, and to continue to work on your writing.

by Thomas Lefebvre

Have you ever googled successful writers who have thousands of loyal followers and serious numbers of social media shares, who never ever stop creating amazing stuff?

Well, I have. I still do.

Time to time, I wonder what and how other writers do this. I enjoy digging writing-relevant websites. Reading great articles always motivates me. The work of art is alive, awakening and powerful to push me forward.

At the same time, I do not believe in overdoing myself. That does more harm than good, from my experience. This has given me a good reason to build this list for you. For you to save your time and energy. For you to avoid overdoing yourself. For you to start with the right people, right websites and the right tools.

Start with the list below. You can always DIY your own list, too. For your new venture, get as much positive influence as possible.

Goins, Writer

Jeff Goins is known for his books, especially for the one titled The Art of Work. His blog is full of writing tips and his podcast episodes about writing.

Chris Guillebeau

I learned about Chris and his website through one of his books, The $100 Startup. (Thanks to one of FIT’s Entrepreneurship professors!) His writing focuses on Life, Work, and Travel. If your interests are within his perimeters, check out his writing.

Melyssa Griffin

I have taken Melyssa’s e-course right before starting this blog. She is a great teacher who encourages bloggers and online entrepreneurs to continue work on their creative projects. She is famous for her Pinterest strategy.

By Regina

Regina is a sweet-hearted entrepreneur who helps people looking to build their freedom brand. Her Free Blog School is one of my favorite resources for bloggers and writers. Check it out.

Susie Moore

Susie is a life coach who also writes to share free life and career advice with her readers. I first read Susie Moore’s article on Greatist. It was The 100-Percent Rule: The Simple Advice That Changed My Life. This article was strong enough for me to re-visit the site very frequently.

Websites for Daily Reads
Medium Publications

You can get the full list of Writer’s Directory here.

200+ Resources for Writers