Writer’s Directory: 200+ Resources for Writers

by Eli Francis

There are a vast number of resources for writers on the web. I have encountered blog posts, listicles, articles, interviews, product/service reviews targeting aspiring writers and new bloggers. Sure, they help us save time looking. However, I have always wanted one single file that lists everything I need, that I can refer back to.

Why not building it myself? I asked. Then, I spent days to collect links and information.

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February Challenge: Writing Every Day

By rawpixel.com

February is the shortest month. And, by February, it is quite easy to have neglected all the new year’s resolution we created before/in January. January has its own charm: the first month of every year has its symbolic existence as the new beginning and the positive vibe that everything seems possible to achieve.

However, time never waits for us. It continues to pass by. We are only a few days away from this February, the hastiest month of all, which only allows us to enjoy only twenty-eight (or twenty-nine) individual days.

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How Problems Help Us Write More

by Filip Mroz

Life is full of shit. It is more than okay to feel down and miserable. No one is perfect. Therefore no life is perfect.

Late-2016 was like a big jump for me. I struggled with old relationships because I didn’t know how to start a better one and how to end the bad ones. Just like I have been struggling with my current day job because I don’t know when to quit and how long I should be giving myself in.

Throughout those blue days, we survive. We overcome. And, we win. I say this although I still have the inner conflicts. Why? Because they’ve all made me write more.

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Don’t Study English Words. Befriend Them.

Vocabulary Builder

How many words do we really need to write something decent?

I remember reading this academic paper, written by some unknown Doctoral student, which I barely understood a single thing that she tried to say. I found it disappointing, unhelpful and confusing; I no longer wanted to read any of her future papers. No matter how intelligent she was.

There are short stories I enjoy reading and studying, crafted by these amazing authors. The paragraphs flow flawlessly, knock the door of my heart, stay with me with such fulfillment. I still find some words that I don’t fully understand, but the joy in reading stories overpower the inconvenience.

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9 Things No One Tells You about Immigrating to a Foreign Country as a Teen

Teen immigration story

1. You will need to put extra effort in staying in touch with your old friends. Otherwise, you will lose them all, over time, slowly.

“Out of sight, out of mind” is a brutal fact, a pure truth. If you don’t try harder, your friends will stay in the past forever. I regained some contacts when I was graduating high school, but my elementary peers were living a busy life as I was, and everyone was all over the places, and a reunion took forever to plan.

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