Which Book Should I Read Next?

How to Pick the Next Book to Read

We are flourished with choices. Too many places to have dinner. Too many potential dates to swipe right. Too many airlines to fly to a next holiday destination. Let’s just admit that sometimes you and I miss the old days where we had a limited number of choices, had a simpler thinking process and hence the simpler life.

It happens in writing, too. In a total opposite to the disastrous writer’s block, writers also struggle because of too many things to think about, to write about. What about those bookworms? There are literally too many books being published every month, and it’s difficult to keep up with all the great covers without effort

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Why You Need to Do Journal Writing?


You are a writer. Yes, you love writing. And, you are good at writing. People cry reading the letters you wrote, are amazed how well your prose is written. You are 100% certain that you are born to do this.

However, writing sometimes feels like a chore.

You know that you are the happiest person in the world when you hold a pen onto a piece of paper. It is a fact that you can never deny. But, it is just so much work; you lose the sense for picking the right topic, the right message, the right writing tool.

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How to End a Blog Post

by anastasia zhenina

We’ve seen some great examples of blog post introductions last time. There’s always an ending when there’s a beginning. Let’s see how these bloggers wrap up their blog posts.

Today’s overview on how to end a blog post:

  • Ask for comments
  • Befriend the readers
  • Reveal a secret
  • Throw more questions
  • Emphasize with the F-word (when needed)
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Best Blog Post Introductions for New Bloggers

How to Write Blog Post Introductions

When I started to work on my blog, I didn’t care much about writing. Instead, I was all about reading. I was curious to know how and what others were doing in the industry. So, I read lots of other blogs to get tips. And, I still do.

One of the common topics I discovered was How to Write a Blog Post. I almost always ended up with a checklist, from getting a domain to installing WordPress on Bluehost, or what to make sure before clicking the publish button. Other days, I found some great advice such as how to hook your readers and how to make them keep reading, too.

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Write Like a Kid

by andrew branch

What Makes a Great Blogger?

If you’ve ever thought that you wouldn’t be able to make a great blogger because you write like a kid, stop sweating. Here’s a surprise!: all the great bloggers who have been supporting thousands of people to come out of their shells and start building amazing things in life write like a kid. (More specifically, some write like a 10-year-old while the others write more like a 14-year-old.)
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