Which Book Should I Read Next?

How to Pick the Next Book to Read

We are flourished with choices. Too many places to have dinner. Too many potential dates to swipe right. Too many airlines to fly to a next holiday destination. Let’s just admit that sometimes you and I miss the old days where we had a limited number of choices, had a simpler thinking process and hence the simpler life.

It happens in writing, too. In a total opposite to the disastrous writer’s block, writers also struggle because of too many things to think about, to write about. What about those bookworms? There are literally too many books being published every month, and it’s difficult to keep up with all the great covers without effort and focus.

Too many choices result being unable to make the right choice. I appreciate that I now live in the world that everything is connected to Internet and information is accessible more than ever, but I am swamped. I am overly occupied. I can’t decide.

6 websites help people like me to make an easier, quicker choice in picking the next book to read. Ironically, they are Internet-based services. Another reason to thank wi-fi.

1. Which Book Should I Read?

If you have a strong taste in books, type in your favorite author or your favorite book – this website will list you a bunch of new choices for you.

2. Bookcelerator

Bookcelerator exhibits books recommended by Product Hunt, Amazon, and Goodreads. If you need a list of books to read, see what others are reading.

3. Four Hour Book Club

Here’s a snapshot of all the books mentioned by Tim Ferris, an American author, and entrepreneur who talks about self-help and ‘four-hour’ work week.

4. Highlyreco

Wondering what big influencers are reading and recommending? Highlyreco mostly has business-related books, but it’s worth of taking a look at.

5. ReadingStash

ReadingStash is a tinder for books. The screen will show you one book at a time, and you have a choice to make; click the heart or press the arrow on the right to check out the next book.

6. Bookicious

Bookicious has reading lists, recommended by some successful entrepreneurs. If you have a particular role model in the start-up industry, go check it out.


If you are tired of reading today, why don’t you download Popcorn and choose a movie to watch? This app helps you pick a movie to kill time!

Enjoy your reading (or watching).


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