14 Free Video Lessons on Writing

How to improve writing

The weather has been nice. I enjoyed some alone time by taking a walk, going out to a park, reading some books and watching Youtube videos. Viral videos were fun to watch, but near the end, I felt empty. What have I learned? Nothing. Youtube has tons of resources, but it easily traps people in daily vlogs of pretty faces or fun/stupid experiments of youngsters who call themselves Youtubers. I still respect their creativity and adore their personal styles – but I begin to wonder ‘what can I learn about writing on Youtube?’

Youtube is a school.

It’s even better than real schools because it’s free and it’s easily accessible to most of us living on this tiny planet. We can come up with our own curriculum and schedules. We can pick teachers and topics

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Don’t Take Writing Advice

don't take writing advice

I use Feedly for daily reading. I have put keywords and added news media websites to access quickly. Feedly filters highly-shared and most-liked articles in the areas I care more than everything else.

One of the keywords I have on Feedly is ‘writing.’ I get some of the greatest articles on writing that the web can offer. I browse the headlines, click one or two, read through until I get inspirations for my next blog post or my current short story project.

There was an article about writing a memoir. Things that you should keep in mind when working on one. One of my writing goals is to write one about my grandmother and dad’s lives, so I clicked.

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Why I Can’t Write

Why I can't write

I hit the publish button for the first time on this blog last year, and I thought, ‘I will be posting regularly and amazingly and that’s just so freaking awesome!’ It’s hard to explain how easy that felt. So easy to say something than to commit to it, #always.

It’s been a few months from the beginning. I became more attached to the idea of writing and am more passionate about the topic than ever. However, no matter how much I adore the idea of blogging, I still need a lot of self-control and determination every time I write for the blog.

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Daily Journal Questions

By Thought Catalog

Writer’s block comes from not having enough things to write about. Sometimes we are full of inspiration. Those times, with a pen and a piece of paper, we are good to go. But, that’s not the every-day case, unfortunately.

A simple question ignites a strong writing habit.

Just as a coffee chat with an old friend may motivate you to start a new story, simple things in life will definitely help. Don’t conclude that these tiny facts of life are boring and meaningless.

Any writing project can work well with these journal ideas. A question might start a mysterious story line. Another might be a great daily journal. I have gathered the best ones after some research.

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One Thing You Need When You Don’t Have Time to Write

900 minutes planner

‘I am so busy!’ I hear what you murmur when no one is around. Tired and exhausted. Physically and emotionally. Yes, I understand; we all feel the same way.

Especially writing, it feels like a hobby. Writing seldom feels like a proper job. We don’t give enough time for a hobby when things get crazier. Even if you love writing, writing becomes a hobby that you cannot really enjoy when you are having a busy day.

But then I wonder how I get so busy. I have 24 hours every single day, the same number of hours that all the other people around the world get to have. I sleep 8 to 9 hours by average. I am left with 15 to 16 hours, from the morning ’til the night.

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