How Problems Help Us Write More

by Filip Mroz

Life is full of shit. It is more than okay to feel down and miserable. No one is perfect. Therefore no life is perfect.

Late-2016 was like a big jump for me. I struggled with old relationships because I didn’t know how to start a better one and how to end the bad ones. Just like I have been struggling with my current day job because I don’t know when to quit and how long I should be giving myself in.

Throughout those blue days, we survive. We overcome. And, we win. I say this although I still have the inner conflicts. Why? Because they’ve all made me write more.

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9 Things No One Tells You about Immigrating to a Foreign Country as a Teen

Teen immigration story

1. You will need to put extra effort in staying in touch with your old friends. Otherwise, you will lose them all, over time, slowly.

“Out of sight, out of mind” is a brutal fact, a pure truth. If you don’t try harder, your friends will stay in the past forever. I regained some contacts when I was graduating high school, but my elementary peers were living a busy life as I was, and everyone was all over the places, and a reunion took forever to plan.

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How to Deal with Three-Person Friendship

Three-person Friendships

My sister came back from a trip to one of the Vancouver Islands. She was accompanied with two other friends. When I asked her how the trip was, she said,

“The other two seemed to have a lot more in common than I had with each one of them.”

Frequently, how the recent trip was is all about how well we got along with our travel partners. Who we are traveling is so important that repeating this sentence non-stop will never be overrated. The #1 important aspect of traveling is with whom you travel (except the solo travels).

People are a crucial aspect of life. No need to emphasize this fact. Under some circumstances, even strangers have a significant impact on one’s life, but more frequently, friends have a greater impact on our lives.

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What It Feels Like to Learn a Second Language

by Freddie Marriage

Do you remember the first time you spoke up in your second (or third) language?

I do.

It was the year 2002. My sister and I arrived at Vancouver International Airport when Vancouver was getting ready to welcome that year’s warm winter. Dad accompanied us. He made sure that we settled in with the Korean home-stay family, that we were properly registered at our school to take classes.

One day, my dad, sister and I went to McDonald’s in the neighborhood shopping mall for lunch. Naturally, I thought that dad would order food for us. He, however, turned back to me and told me to order food for us myself.

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Art of Waiting for Another Text

by William Iven

During academic semesters, having creative abilities means that you are a student with the most valuable potential. We are taught that creativity is a positive resource. We are told that we should be creative to become a civilized individual who achieves whatever to be achieved. In other words, to become significant, or successful in the industry, you must be creative.

However, after some time passes, after their girlhood has ended, women are now told not to be ‘too’ creative. We feel ashamed by that we wrote stories about the guys we had tindered with, texted back and forth with, and met up with for brunch/lunch/dinner the day before. Especially while we are waiting for another text to buzz us up.

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