How to End a Blog Post

by anastasia zhenina

We’ve seen some great examples of blog post introductions last time. There’s always an ending when there’s a beginning. Let’s see how these bloggers wrap up their blog posts.

Today’s overview on how to end a blog post:

  • Ask for comments
  • Befriend the readers
  • Reveal a secret
  • Throw more questions
  • Emphasize with the F-word (when needed)
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Best Blog Post Introductions for New Bloggers

How to Write Blog Post Introductions

When I started to work on my blog, I didn’t care much about writing. Instead, I was all about reading. I was curious to know how and what others were doing in the industry. So, I read lots of other blogs to get tips. And, I still do.

One of the common topics I discovered was How to Write a Blog Post. I almost always ended up with a checklist, from getting a domain to installing WordPress on Bluehost, or what to make sure before clicking the publish button. Other days, I found some great advice such as how to hook your readers and how to make them keep reading, too.

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Write Like a Kid

by andrew branch

What Makes a Great Blogger?

If you’ve ever thought that you wouldn’t be able to make a great blogger because you write like a kid, stop sweating. Here’s a surprise!: all the great bloggers who have been supporting thousands of people to come out of their shells and start building amazing things in life write like a kid. (More specifically, some write like a 10-year-old while the others write more like a 14-year-old.)
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Best Podcasts for New Writers

Best Podcasts

Before saying anything else, I want to admit that I am a total newbie to the world of podcasts. When some people told me last year that they listened to podcasts all day long, all night long or/and all week long, I thought they were insanely bored with life or had no one to hang out with. After I was second-handedly introduced to Call Your Girlfriend, I fell in love with the podcast, and later I fell in love with the other podcasts, too.

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Quit Looking For a Niche

Quit looking for a niche

Before deciding to start my website, I visited lots of blogs that help people get started with a personal website and with a creative business. I read many posts, took their advice and was grateful for everything I gained through their insight.

Wait. There’s always a ‘BUT’.

But, there was one thing that made me perplexed: Everyone needs a niche.

The more specific, the better blog you will build and the faster you will get traffic.
In other words, it’s all about finding and targeting right people to read what I have to say.

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