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I am glad that you are here, believing we share, at least, one passion in common: Living as an immigrantWriting or Blogging.

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Well, the inspiration behind the journey of Letters in Translation is more than just life, writing and working:

  • Being a Korean-Canadian
  • Writing in a second (or third, or even fourth) language
  • Following the heart and achieving the dreams

Letters in Translation has started with my passion for writing in English and compassion for you – fellow writers –, especially those who were born in non-English-speaking countries and moved to the English-speaking ones in later years. The world calls us with a few different names:

  • English as a second language (ESL)
  • English as a foreign language (EFL)
  • English as an additional language (EAL)
  • or English for speakers of other languages (ESOL)

I believe that we, as an individual and as a community, have power to turn our struggles into small wins, weakness into strength, dreams into reality. And, writing is the key element in doing so. For writers like us.

Letters in Translation promises to provide you:

  • Thoughts on writing
  • Inspiration and motivation for you to keep writing
  • Handpicked resources for writing, reading, productivity and blogging
  • A place to take a break, to reflect yourself, to focus on what’s really important in your life

Thank you for stopping by. I am seriously so thrilled to share so much more with you.

A Little More About Me
Yoona KimHi again. My name is Yoona.

It is my pleasure to know that you are still here. 

Five years ago, I wrote a book. It was published and is still being sold in my home country, South Korea. Written in Korean, it consists of my travel logs to dozens of small cities in the country, interviews with traditional textile artists on their lifestyle, dedication to Korean traditional craftsmanship, contribution to their community.

After the publication, I came back to NYC to finish college, returned to Canada in which I went to high school, I began to miss having writing projects. Projects that challenged myself, that I had to meet deadlines every week, that became a book. Influenced by my daily life, I began to write in English. Some time has passed since I took Creative Writing courses in high school and college. I was excited but was full of fear, too.

Writing has been my no.1 thing to do in life. To be more exact, writing in my first language was. Writing in my second language, English, always gave me a double-sided feeling; I was happy because I was writing, but I was self-conscious because I wasn’t confident in the language that I was writing in.

I am still not 100% fear-free. I don’t think I will ever be free from self-consciousness, worrying how others would judge my writing, imperfection in both languages. However, I still write. I keep writing in two languages because writing in them makes who I am. They are equally so important to me.

Time to time, I find myself unable to translate what I have in my mind in one language to another. Just like those childhood memories that I lost while relocating to Canada. Certain words, sentences, and paragraphs were lost between two languages. But, I know. I know that they have made who I am now.

Letters in Translation can be your lost times. Your lost words. Or your lost feelings. I want to share with you what I have found in my journey. It is quite impossible to find back what you’ve already lost, but it surely is possible to start building new things in life. ‘Never too late’ sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

I remember a piece of advice that one of my college professors had given me some time ago.

“Observe. And, write.”

For me, the secret of breaking my own shell of insecurity was to observe within myself first. And then, the world surrounding me. I began to realize that I was a person who was able. Not the other way around.

Pick up the books you love. Spend days and nights living in the world that the books have to offer. Grab your favorite pen and begin pouring out what you have been holding within your mind.

Here we are. Instead of trying to connect two separate languages, two separate places we think we belong, we write in more than one languages, re-define our capabilities and find one another in this amazing community of writers.

Thank you again for being here. I am truly honored to have you.

Few More Links For You
  • I write in Korean regularly here.
  • My book, 색에 미친 청춘, published in 2011, is about Natural Dyeing and how Korean traditional natural dyers have preserved the cultural heritage with all hearts.

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