One Thing You Need When You Don’t Have Time to Write

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‘I am so busy!’ I hear what you murmur when no one is around. Tired and exhausted. Physically and emotionally. Yes, I understand; we all feel the same way.

Especially writing, it feels like a hobby. Writing seldom feels like a proper job. We don’t give enough time for a hobby when things get crazier. Even if you love writing, writing becomes a hobby that you cannot really enjoy when you are having a busy day.

But then I wonder how I get so busy. I have 24 hours every single day, the same number of hours that all the other people around the world get to have. I sleep 8 to 9 hours by average. I am left with 15 to 16 hours, from the morning ’til the night.

As some smart people have already been praising, there are 900+ minutes for you to enjoy in a single day, if you plan it out well. It is obvious that some of us have been flushing useless minutes in something that don’t deserve our attention.

In other words, you can squeeze daily writing in those 900+ minutes.

First, you need to write down the minutes. With some basic algebra, we have 30 blocks of 30-minutes. You can even go farther down with 60 blocks of 15-minutes. You can begin either of them.

Secondly, you choose the beginning time or the ending time of a day. For example, you are a person who wakes up 6 in the morning, start planning from 6 am to 9 pm. If you go to bed at 1 every night, your planning will be from 10 am to 1 am. Since this planner is for 900 minutes a day, your sleep cycle is assumed to be 9 hours. Do you sleep less? No problem. Add more time blocks in the planner and you can definitely have 900+ minutes to utilize.

Thirdly, now it’s time to place your activity in each block. Do not try to overdo anything; oftentimes people get discouraged by the massive amount of important things to do in a limited time. Instead, start writing down things that are critical and fill out the gaps with things you love to do. For instance, write down budgeting for a next vacation, calling your grandma, finishing your side project first, then fill out the other blocks with going to a yoga gym, reading a comic book, watching a movie.

Next, you implement. With the planner, start living and cross out the things you complete throughout the day. If you feel like switching two activities with each other, don’t hesitate. The goal here is to find your own rhythm and flow.

How to manage time?

Let’s cherish every corner of your day by using 900 Minutes Planner.

There are two worksheets. One is the standard version, and the other one can be customized.

Hope it helps!

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